I just purchased a Mac Mini, and tried to connect a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard, one of their most advanced hardware options. The device connects to the Mac Mini via a single USB socket, and controls a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard via Bluetooth.

When I turned the Mac Mini on for the first time, it recognized the mouse, but not the keyboard. After selecting the language, I get a warning that the keyboard is not recognized, then it goes to a page asking me to hit the key next to the left Shift key. But after I hit that key, it just sits there with the message "Identifying your keyboard..."

I checked the Microsoft support site for any information about connecting the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 to Mac equipment, but they don't seem to have any information on that topic. The device works fine with an older Windows XP system, without requiring any special drivers, so it should appear as a regular USB mouse & keyboard to the hardware.

Is there any way to debug the installation of this device at boot-time, before it fails at the auto-detection?