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    MacPro and a big monitor

    Please excuse my english as I am not good at it. I try my best to explain my problem. I hooked up my 22 inches monitor with my MacPro. With both on, it's a bothersome. When I closed my MacPro so I can work on the big screen, I get a black screen. Is there some way I can work on the big screen with macpro closed?


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    I think you must be referring to operating your MacBook Pro in clamshell mode? Yes, it's possible. Here's how:

    1. You will need an external keyboard and mouse.

    2. Attach the 22" monitor to your MBP. Open System Preferences, Display, and setup the 22" monitor to "mirror" your MacBook Pro.

    3. Attach the external keyboard and mouse. Close the lid on your MBP to put it to sleep. Wait about 10 seconds and then tap a key on the external keyboard to wake the MBP up. Keep the lid shut. The external display will come on. You can now use your MBP with the lid shut.

    NOTE: You must be on AC power to do this. It will not work when operating from the battery.


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