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Thread: Question for Mini Mac owners - Software related

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    Question Question for Mini Mac owners - Software related
    Question for Mini Mac owners - Software related


    I recently bought a Mini Mac floor model.
    It originally had Appleworks installed on it. When I reinstalled the
    software to do a fresh install per the suggestion of Frys Electronics
    Techs, Appleworks was gone and does not seem to be on any of
    the disks they gave me.

    I went to Apples website and it says that the Mac Mini comes with Appleworks, but Fry's Computer Supervisor is telling me it doesn't come with
    Appleworks and the disk they gave me are all the disks I should have.

    If your a Mini Mac owner, can you please tell me if you received a separate disk for the Apple Works.

    I received the OS-X and OS-9 install disks and the I-Life05 disks with the floor model.


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    I dont own a mac mini, but that appleworks should be on the mini's software restore disc.

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    use a program called pacifist to extract it from the restore disk.

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