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    Question about the Mac Mini fan??

    I have the 1.42 mac mini, which I upgraded to 1gig memory. I would say everything has been flawless with this machine for the last 2 weeks, except for the fan. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not...

    Normally the machine is very quiet. Depending on the number of applications running the fan will start to spin fast for a 1-2 minutes. Tonight I had one web browser open, and the fan started to spin very quickly. After 10 minutes the fan was still spinning at full throttle! I restarted the system, and it was back to normal (could barely hear the system).

    Is this something I should be concerned with? Is it worth bringing it back to the Apple store for them to have look at?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!


    Vake J.

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    Can't answer your question, but my new iMac does the same thing .. Mostly whisper quiet, but sometimes, it sounds like the turbo in my car ;-)

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    Shortly after the PowerMac G5s came out they issued a firmware fix to the fan activating software, it's possible some similar mistake has been made with the iMac and Mini (I doubt there are many different sets of fan firmware knocking around), probably worth getting in touch with tech support by email or something.

    I've noticed my Mini doing this for a few seconds after some particulary intensive disk activity (i.e I did a dump of 2500+ tracks from my iPod to my Mini and about half way through the fan started up), 2.5 inch HDs can create quite a bit of heat!


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