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    Old G3 Memory Upgrade question
    Question for the Apple lovers.

    I m working on a G3 Powermac 233mhz pc.

    Defiently runs pc100 but I was told it could run pc133 and just downclock to pc100 speeds so that it will run.

    I got a 128mb stick of pc133 that does work on PCs but it wont work here. I got 2 32 mb sticks in here that work but these wont.

    So im thinking its one of two things.

    Either this old mac uses diff voltage for its memory and wont power these OR its a mobo switch or setting im missing.

    Comptuer turns on but I get no video.

    Ideas suggestions?


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    Mac and PC memory may have the same specs but often the PC memory won't work in a Mac. The one setting that may affect it is that you should press and hold the CUDA button on the main board after the memory is installed. (Push it in, say "one thousand, two thousand" and let it go.) Don't under any circumstances push it twice. The CUDA button is a small, round button, usually red or black rubber, on a square, metal base. You can get specific info at sites like or Apple.

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