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    Airport extreme card install. on a mac mini
    Hey, I have been very fortunate to acquire a mac mini (first time mac user) I work (corporate) for Comp....and I snagged one of the 4 that have come into one of our locations. The wait is endless to get one, and we have only received the "stripped" version. (256 and no airport card, GRRRR) I bought an airport extreme card and a gig.......the memory is easy to install...........but where the heck does the airport card go.......Help...please. oh BTW.....the apple stores will not install an airport card...just memory upgrades. Which really sucks...because I was told it wouldnt be a problem. SO...Dont buy one and think the wireless card can be installed after....I just wanna be wireless...Does anyone know? I know where I wanted to put the card when they refused to do it.....imagine is awesome, I am really glad that I bought it

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    The information I've read indicates that a special "adapter" or "connector" is required to install AirPort Extreme in the Mini.

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    Hmm, time to put it back together............without the wireless card. Oh...well, I want to play....thanks.

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    did you take any pics while you had it all apart by any chance?

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    Mdavis71, I just came home from Frys with my new Mini and am going to upgrade the Ram later tonight. Will take a few Pics when I am in there and post a link to them. Very impressed with the Mini.

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