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    old g4 plastic screen with new G5 mac pro?
    hi there

    i just purchased a mac pro G5 and did not get a screen as i thought my older G4 desktop plastic screen would work with the new G5, but its a different connection. so i need a DVI- ADC converter. now i spoke to a mac store and they said they do this for 69 (which to me is daylight robbery, especially as the guy on the phone said it would work when ordering).

    the guy at mac said that the old screen runs off a different power supply thingy thats why the adapter costs so much, but i found a short converter (DVI-ADC) but it does not have a power supply or anything. if i get this will my mac G4 screen work with my new G5?


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    Try and see if you can pick one up on eBay for less.

    I'm sure the guy at Apple knows what he is talking about, so I'd definitely purchase the correct cable to get it to work.

    BTW, the G5 is not a Mac Pro. Its called a PowerMac G5, Mac Pros use Intel Xeons.



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    They are as dear as poison. Apple online was selling these in the States for US$99.00 and here in Australia Apple sold them for AU$199.00 when the Aussie dollar was 99c US!

    As suggested look at eBay and yes the G5 will work with the three way connectors to mains power, DVI graphic card connector and USB from G5. If buying from eBay with so many International sellers advertising, make sure the power take off matches your mains power as your avatar does not say where you are located.

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    First like the other poster stated, there is no G5 Mac Pro. There is either a Power Mac G5 or a Mac Pro with Intel Xenon CPU's. Really it makes little difference though with that monitor. I own that monitor and had to purchase the $99 converter as like you were correctly told, it also provides power for the monitor. No other adapter would power the monitor as it uses 28 VDC which was provided by the ADC connector on the older PowerMac G4's.

    I got mine open box for $75 and it works great. Had it for 3 years now. You might find on on Ebay at a lower price but if you do jump on it right away as they are rare and many want them (The Apple Converter Box).

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