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    Nov 05, 2008
    I like the glossy screen
    Compared to my 20 inch matte, the 24 inch glossy looks better to me.

    The matte is great, and I was expecting the glossy to be annoying, but it really isn't. I even sit with a window at my back and the glare a lot of people complain about, is a non issue with me. The colors are very vibrant.

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    looks like you prefer the old stair step keyboard LOL

    i see you put your old keyboard on the new iMac. i found i like the new one once i used it a few weeks.
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    Nov 05, 2008
    I think I'll end up using the new keyboard. I've found that I can type a lot faster with it. I've been using the old style keyboard for about 5 years, and I always found it to be pretty good.

    I hadn't paid much attention to which keyboard was on which iMac. I had them both set up side by side so I could use a Firewire cable and Migration Assistant to bring all of my stuff to the new iMac. BTW.....that was so simple and worked so perfectly, I was amazed!

    The old white iMac is still no slouch, but the new one is the shizznit.

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    Nov 05, 2008
    What a great computer. To be able have such a large screen with such a small footprint is fantastic.

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    Sep 30, 2008
    Can you share the wallpaper? looks sweet on the 24".

    And yeah, not a single complaint about the glossy or the glass on the iMac too.
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