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    g5 hard drive mystery problems
    I have a new power mac g5 with a 160G Maxtor 9 drive. I recently installed a 2nd 300G maxtor 10 drive. Everything worked fine. 24 hours ago i networked the machine and copied about 100G of data onto each drive. Again, no problems.

    When I came back today, the machine was making lots of noise. No monitor was attached one and I rebooted before I attached one. I got the finder window question mark for no OS. After running the hardware diagnostic check I received the 2STF/1/4 error message for no hard drive. So I uninstalled the 2nd drive and ran the check again - no errors. But the machine still wouldn't boot. Nor would it boot from the install disk.

    Subsequently I tried both drives on another G5 and both worked fine. I even ran the diagnostic check on the other machine and found no errors.

    Does this sound like a motherboard problem? How would it come out of nowhere like that. I worked on the machine for a good couple of hours yesterday and no problems. Any ideas appreciated.....

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