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    Having trouble connecting internet to Imac, any ideas?
    Hey guys,

    I just had a question for you. I have a G4 700 MHz Imac running on Mac OS 10.4, and I can't connect it to the new wireless modem we just bought.

    We used to use dial-up; this is the first highspeed modem we have used on this computer.

    The ethernet port on the computer doesn't seem to work. When you plug the ethernet cord in, it doesnt click into place. It just falls out. Any way I can fix this?

    When you plug in the USB cord for the modem, the mouse and the keyboard just stop working. There are 3 USBs ports, and the mouse uses one of these, and the keyboard uses one too. I don't unplug the mouse or the keyboard, I'm just plugging in the USB cord for the modem in the third port. As soon as I unplug the modem, the keyboard and mouse start working again. Its really weird.

    Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks guys

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    It sure sounds like your G4 has hardware troubles. Does the keyboard have two USB ports like the new aluminum ones do? If not, you can buy a USB powered hub and use it instead of having to juggle cables around. Connect the powered hub to one of the good USB ports.

    As for the ethernet port, try another ethernet cable. If the same thing occurs the connector for the port might be bent or broken inside. In that case, the only way to connect is by wireless. Assuming the airport in the G4 is working.

    But first you need to get the modem and or router attached to the G4 in order to find out if wireless is OK.


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