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    Want the good news?
    I've found a OSX driver for my 7" VGA touch screen.

    Whoo, hoo! As soon as my Mini arrives I'll test it out with the touch screen and report back but that is one of my problems solved in getting the Mini in my car. I've tested it on my iMac and it works ok but is not what I'd call instantly responsive but in a car the mini will only be operating on a screen resolution of 800x600 so that may help somewhat.

    Still haven't found any navigation software though, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. It needs to work with USB GPS mice like the Fortuna U2 and obviously work under OSX as I can't stand the Classic environment.

    I'm also looking for volunteers to help write an "iCar" front end for the Mini, i.e something similar to frodoplayer for the PC, it needs to have a big colourful but simple screen with large buttons (so you can operate the touch screen with fingers whilst driving) and give one button access to major functions, for example one button on frodoplayer brings up WinAmp visualiser, cool stuff like that.


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    wicked, good luck!

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