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    G5 Processor upgrade - true that you cannot?
    I understand that I cannot upgrade my processor speed no matter what on my iMac 1.8 GHz processor. Is that really true? It seems hard to believe that I have to pony up for an entirely new system when all I really need is more speed. Well, more than 2GB of RAM would help, too, and I understand that I cannot upgrade that, either.

    Am I really stuck buying an entirely new computer for a little more speed and memory? Is this Apple's Achilles Heel? Don;t get me wrong, I love my Mac over my Windows infested PC, but at least I could upgrade components.


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    According to, for all 1.8 GHz G5 iMacs, you're stuck with the original processor.

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    Your imac is now four years old and the slim design of the machine incorporates the CPU as part of the logic board so an upgrade similar to the G4 towers etc. is not possible, alas.

    Best result maybe to sell prior to release of Snow Leopard, which is reported to be multi core Intel compatible only, and look for an Intel iMac.

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    The only Macs that are officially upgradeable internally are PowerMacs / Mac Pros. You're usually limited to RAM and the harddrive on all other models.

    The RAM is limited by the motherboard / chipset, but even PCs from that era are likely to be capped to about 2GB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hughvane View Post
    According to, for all 1.8 GHz G5 iMacs, you're stuck with the original processor.
    He's right.

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