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    Nov 02, 2007
    Valuation please?
    Just wondering what you guys would pay for a 1.16 mini, no airport, 40 gb hd? Comes with a Belkin USB extender.

    I'm guessing by the clock speed, it's one of the very early ones.


    (any known problems with these?)

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    There was no "1.16" are your choices:

    Apple Mac mini Specs @

    Then use

    Mac2Sell - Guide to used Mac & iPod - Evaluation - Argus Mac, iPod, iPhone Occasion

    for one opinion; check eBay completed auctions for another...

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    Nov 02, 2007
    That's what i thought, but the guy swears its a 1.16. Has no airport either.

    Everymac only starts at the 1.25, and ebay through up n results either.

    The seller must mean 1.66, which is what i put to him.

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    Nov 02, 2007
    Thanks though mate, mac2sell was really helpful.

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