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    Ummm. Im a mac freak and I want to buy imac g5 but...
    Hi everythin in my house is mac and you may know me by the awful speller-joke-lol- or may know me by the mac criticizer or the powerbook g5 freak! W.e. it is im looking to buy an imac g5 but Ive been wondering are they realising a new model anytime soon?

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    The current ones haven't been out that long, I remember going to go buy one in November and they didn't even have them in stock because they were selling as fast as they got them in, I wouldn't think they would release a new one that soon.

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    no, itll be a long time, at least a year and a half before apple even considers creating a next gen imac. though g6 or higher than g5 processors need to be available before so, not gonna happen. unless they make an imac g5 rev 1, also not gonna happen.

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