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    Ok guys I'm really hoping someone can help me out. ill start from the beginning.

    Just as a start my mac is completely stock...there are no upgrades or anything done to it other than the parts that were replaced by the Apple store through services.

    Today i was using my mac when one of my usb ports lost power. I shut the machine down and removed the back to see if i could see something that could be causing the issue. I did not disassemble anything i just simply looked to see if there was anything in the port or around the area that could be affecting it. While i had the machine open i took out my RAM to get the numbers off of it so that i knew what to buy in plans of upgrading my RAM. I put it back in and put the machine back together.

    Upon starting the machine everything went fine, including the broken usb port, except for the display the display does not come on the machine starts up fine and i can here the volume controls once it is started but there is no display.

    I research this on Macs support page and it told me to reset the PRAM which i did i also red about the diagnostic LED's inside the machine and did what it said to do there. After trying everything that apple support told me to do i still cannot get the display to turn on when starting the machine. I have reset the RAM many times in hopes that maybe it was just not seated correctly but the display will simply not turn on.

    If someone has had a simliar issue or knows what to do to fix it i would greatly appreciate it


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    Open it up again and check to see if everything is where it should be. Pay special attention to any cables that may be loose, make sure the video card is seated properly. Nothing pulled from a connector? Etc.

    Always a hazard taking something apart. BTW, you don't need the numbers from the memory modules to order replacements or upgrades. Just go to Memory upgrades, flash media, and usb storage at and look up your machine.


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