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    Just Ordered! YAAAY!!
    Hey all!

    After posting a few questions here to get more info, I've finally ordered my new iMac G5 from the online apple store. I'm so happy!

    As I really only use my comp for word processing, internet browsing and for my iPod I went for the 17", 512Mb, 80Gb, Airport Extreme Card.

    I ordered from the site on Wednesday evening, have any ideas when i can expect delivery? It says it would despatched on or before 24th January.

    Thanx for the help which made my decision to buy.

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    I'm not sure about the shipping time as I'm sure things are different for the UK than they are here in the States, but congratulations on the purchase! My iMac should be delivered today and I just can not wait. I'm sure you have some sleepless nights of anticipation ahead for you as I did! :yinyang:


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    Congratz on your new Mac! My switch was a little over a year ago and just a total delight! :alien:

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