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    Blue/wht g3 and OSX
    will OSX 10.0 work on my g3 400 with 128 ram --will I have any problems?? DO Meed more ram--? Will it run better than 9.2 thats on it now.

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    From what I have read an heard. If you install it on a system with less than 256mb of ram you be hurting. It will work, but slow. Anything above 256 would be better. You can install it on your mac. If you are not running OS 9.2.2, then I would bring your up to that level first. Also if you are planning install get more memory, then install any version of OS X that is greater than 10.1. You should be able to install 10.3.
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    Running 10.3.7 on mine just fine. 640meg memory. Definitely get more memory.
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    How about 10.1.3 thats what I have--will that work on the b/w g3 400mhz---is it better than 9.2.2 thats on it now. and I have the Disc for 10.1.3 that came with my g4 will that work. Thanks

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    I started running 10.0 on my B&W with 64 megs of ram. I came to 2 conclusions:

    Get some ram (I bought an extra 256 chip from OWC for $26...seems to be working fine)

    If your using anything older than 10.2, then make sure you have OS 9 installed to use classic apps.

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    Well I will be installing it on a new drive---im not that techy on mac yet --so I really dont know what you mean by classic apps---and I really dont how to format a new drive --maybe you can tell me how---but if I use a new drive do I still need to put 9.2 on it first??? thanks

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    also how often do I need to replace the motherboard battery and is there any special process?

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