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    help uploading
    hey I wasn't sure where to put this, but since I have a g5, I figured I'd throw it in here. Well, I am a former PC user and I am pretty new to Mac so..bare with me. Anywho I use explorer, not safari, and I have a DSL connection.
    My problem is this: I cannot upload anything onto any website, not files, image, not anything. I go over to my PC and I can upload anything within seconds. What gives? are my explorer settings messed up? can websites not read my Mac? I am lost as to what it is, please help

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    Internet Explorer on Windows works as an FTP program, as IE for Mac can. However, Internet Explorer for Mac has been discontinued, so you may need to choose another program to upload your files to an FTP server. Also, because it's discontinued, you may want to think about using something like Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

    For FTP, try using something along the lines of Transmit , or Fetch.

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    well i tried using safari but that doesn't work either, but im gonig to try those other suggestions, thanks alot

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    Yeah if you've ever used WS FTP for Windows, you'll feel right at home with Transmit. Great program. I think there's a 30 day free trial or something.

    I was suggesting you may want to use another browser for everyday web browsing, because IE for Mac will probably fall behind standards soon.

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