Hi all. My office was recently awarded a grant to upgrade some of our lab computers. I am trying to get some Mac Pros through the door and need a little help (I am not up to speed on what's available/possible with the Mac Pro).

I would ideally like to present a package to my boss that includes the following:

Mac Pro with ...
the 4x internal SATA drives RAID 5 for data (RAID card needs to function in OS X and/or Boot Camp Vista) - CalDigit??

2x separate boot drives (one OS X, one boot camp Windows Vista) - use external drives? or maybe the bottom optical drive bay?

External eSATA box with hot-swap drives (maybe the g-speed es?)

Would it be wise to just JBOD the g-speed, using 2 of the 4 drives as boot disks, leaving the other 2x for the needed hot swap drives?

- or maybe consider an optical drive bay sled that accommodates 2x SATA drives for the boot disks (not sure if this would allow Windows to boot).

Basically, I need a fast I/O Mac with at least 1TB of storage, a few hot swap drives and can use all hardware whether booted in OS X or Windows Vista.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.