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Thread: Mac Specs

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    Mac Specs
    Hello all. i just picked up a G4 today, and was curious about a couple things. first off here are the specs

    * Machine Model: Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics)
    * CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.8)
    * Number of CPU: 1
    * CPU speed: 400Mhz
    * L2 Cache: 1MB
    * Memory: 256MB
    * Bus Speed 100Mhz
    * Memory: 256MB (1 used, 3 more empty slots available)
    * ATI Rage 128 Pro video card
    * 2 Hard drives: Western Digital 80GB, and Western Digital 10GB
    * DVD-Rom
    * Logitech Optical Wheel mouse
    * Original Apple USB keyboard
    * Firewire & USB
    * Ethernet (for you broadband internet connection or network)
    * v.90 Modem

    I am semi new to macs, i been using a g4 ibook for quiet some time now, but with this machine i would like to upgrade it. so i was wondering, can this machince be upgraded to dual cpus? or how can u tell how high u can go with the mhz of the cpu? also, i have a ton of ram laying around the house, how can i find out the what kind to put in it, like i know it is sdram, but is it 100 or 133 and whats the highest amount it will read per stick of memory? i really want to upgrade this into a pretty decent system since i can't afford to throw down the cash for a G5 *drools*

    Your help will be greatly apreaciated, and thank you in advance.

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    try this link and enter your specs and they'll list types of RAM, upgrades, etc. -or-

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    This is what the AGP supports:

    RAM: 64/128/256 MB standard on 400/450/500 MHz models, expandable to 1.5 GB using PC100 SDRAM (3.3V, unbuffered, 64-bit, 168-pin, 100 MHz) in 4 DIMM slots

    found on

    You can put 133 SDRAM in it, they will run at 100MHz.

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    thanks alot fellas, i have a TON of pc133 sdram, and i really don't mind if it runs at pc100. again thanks

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    I've recently upgraded a G4 AGP (450MHz) to 768MB and Mac OS X Panther...and it runs pretty smooth for it's age... :cool:

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    Here is a list of some processor upgrades that are available for your machine:

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