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    boot disks
    i have gotten ahold of an older G3 powermac that i would like to use. if anything to get more experince with apple computers.

    the computer is a desktop modle, 266Mhz, i belive. no USB. and the unit came with no OS or software.

    keep in mind i am from the X86 world, so i know almost nothing about apple. I want to know what OS's from apple this system can use. i know it can use versions of linux and unix. also how do i make boot disks? tell it to boot from disks? Or know if it can boot from a CD?

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    If you search this forum, there is an individual here that installed OS X.3 on the biege G3 that you have. I lhave the 233 model. I loaded it with OS X 10.1.5 and stop there. You will need the program call XPostFacto to get it up to 10.2 or 10.3.
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