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    Trying to run new 20" Cinema display with older style DVI port

    Can anybody help me out here?

    I'm running an Imac G5 20" Power PC 2.1 GHZ (older style circa 2006). I am trying to use the latest Apple Cinema 20" display as a dual monitor, but I can't get this to work despite trying various combinations. The DVI output socket on the Imac is smaller than the one currently used by the Intel Imacs and the Macbooks, but larger than the mini-dvi used by the Macbook Air. I have a DVI cable that fits the socket going to a female 15-pin VGA. This is no longer commonly available (you won't find one on Apple's site!). However, whilst this works going to an external projector via normal 15-pin, I tried using a DVI reverser between the Apple DVI connector on the break-out loom of the Cinema Display, and a 15-pin male into the VGA end of the adaptor. No joy.

    I was looking around for a specific type of lead from the Imac's DVI (this weird, unusual plug which doesn't seem to exist on any other Macs?), to a regular Apple DVI, so that I can hook up the Imac to the Cinema display. Any help on this would be graciously received. I tried the Apple help line and they said, that only the Imac Intel G5's can run the new displays. I find this quite extraordinary. Surely there must be a way round it by some combination of cabling???


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    I don't think it's a matter of using the proper cable or adapter, but rather has to do with the graphics display output capability of your older iMac G5. According to Apple the new cinema displays require an Intel machine. That would "translate" into a more capable graphics adapter used in the later Intel iMacs. If you find an answer or a work around, let us know.


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