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Thread: Gota good deal!

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    Gota good deal!
    A mate has offered me a dual 450MHz G4 power mac for 1500, it with an external 52x burner. And i think 512MB Ram 20GB HDD, is this a good deal?

    Thanx dudes,

    P.S - Im talkin austrlian dosh...

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    1500 what? Is that US$?

    If so, that isn't a good deal at all. You can get a single 1.25 GHz with an 80GB drive, and a combo drive for less than that. You would need to add RAM, but for the difference you could probably put a gig of RAM in there.

    I guess we need to know if it is 1500 US$.

    Dual processors are all hype pretty much anyway. Unless you are using an app that can make use of it, which most don't, it really does you no good. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    He said it was Australian dosh Which is about hmm.. $950-1k US or so...

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