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    terrible sound at output of powerPC G5. fix?
    hi folks, thanks in advance for this very helpful forum-lots of knowlege around here.

    i have a dual core G5 powerPC. the sound at both of the output jacks has some kind of interference or something from the computer-there is a periodic beep, along with a VERY high noise floor. i remember reading that this was a known problem with these machines.

    it was never an issue, as its mainly a work computer, but now i need to run a sound program as a standalone(can't run as a plugin via protools, or run from an external soundcard), so this sound is severely inhibiting the use of this program.

    is there a known fix for this issue? i lifted the ground pin of the 3-prong power cord already, as i was told this was part of the problem, but it didnt solve it. any fix to this would be a HUGE lifesaver! thanks alot-rj

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    Try this from Apple Support:

    Power Mac G5: I hear buzzes, beeps, or humming

    It may solve your noise problem.

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