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    Unhappy G5: Epson 1670 powers off when plugged in (USB)

    I have a G5 and I'm trying to attach an Epson 1670 scanner to it, via USB. 90% of the time the little green light on the scanner will go off once it is plugged into the G5. I have several 1670's and all of them do the same thing, but work on another G5 machine.

    I've had this problem with another G5 with the same model scanner. With this system I repaired the Disk Permissions / rebooted, and the scanner worked, however I have tried this with the current system to no avail.

    ON the current system I have placed the scanner in all the USB ports, run disk permissions with the scanner plugged in/out. Rebooted. Upgraded the OS X to 10.3.7, downloaded drivers from Epson. The scanner light has stayed on some of the time, but will not operate when trying to scan. Please help.


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    To anyone else having this same problem on a G5, there is a work-around. Spoke to an apple tech and we tried plugging the Epson 1670 into a USB cabable Monitor, and it worked. Guessing any USB Hub device would work. The problem has something to do with how the device communicates with the MAC or vice versa when plugged in directly. Hopes this helps someone.

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