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    Post Dual 2GHz G5 'best bang for the buck'

    Dual 2GHz G5 'best bang for the buck'
    August 31, 2003 - 00:41 EDT Bare Feats has published a performance comparison of all three Power Mac G5 models. "It looks like the Dual G5 2GHz has the best bang for the buck," the site reports. "The average speed advantage over the G5 1.8GHz is 45%. Yet it only costs 25% more (factory standard configuration)."

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    No doubt this is somewhat off subject. Just joined and need help! I saw you posted about 1400 messages, so I figure you're noy new to the subject: here goes: I can not "Open the commands in the Finder (or elsewhere) that are "Gray Menus" I wanted to BURN a disc to backup files NOT backed up. Checked with Mac Help and it says see "System Administrater" I am the "Administrater. What do I do to open the Gray menus?????? Any help is more than wht I know now.

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