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Thread: New iMac purhcase decision

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    Question New iMac purhcase decision
    ok I have the ability to purchase a NIB iMac for either $725 for a 20" Aluminum 2.0ghz C2D with a 250 gig hd or a 20" Aluminum 2.4ghz C2D with 320 hd for $835.

    My question is how much of a difference is the processor speed going to make. I will be using this mostly for school work and pleasure, but I will be doing some light photo and video work. Thanks for any info you can give me

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    I just obtained a NIB iMac for $722! The specs are EXACTLY what you mentioned...

    Here is the thing. A lot of people who are in love with Apple fall for Steve Jobs and his ridiculous constant changing of specs, etc. It really has got out of hand if you look at other computer companies.

    I suggest you buy the less expensive model, BUT go to a website and get a RAM upgrade. Are you really going to use 320GB? HOW? I have 250GB and it is WAY more than enough. The processor of course, will be faster in the more expensive model, but if you increase that RAM, it will be fine...I think. You can upgrade it with SAMSUNG RAM (good brand name) for about $80 and it literally takes 5 minutes to install RAM on your new iMac...check the Apple website for their step by step is EASY!

    I just wen through the EXACT same debate as you! What is great though, is that since Apple fanboys are such wackos and have to have EVERYTHING and update all the time...some people update their iPods every year (morons) we benefit with a savings of $500 with a AWESOME iMac that is only a year old at the most!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I love Mr. Jobs and Apple, but some people are suckers for "new" Apple tech. Look at the idiots who bought a 4GB

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    Where'd you get the good deals?
    Hi guys - clue me in to the good deals! Where did you get them? Send me a PM. Recent switcher here who needs an iMac! Thanks.

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