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    Question Need to buy RAM for my iMac, HELP!
    Hello Everyone...

    I am about to get a new iMac and so I am thinking about upgrading the RAM from 1GB to 2GB or so. I heard from my friend it is pretty easy...

    Here is my question...What BRAND of RAM should I buy? What does Apple use? I heard Apple uses all kinds from IBM to whatever....

    THANKS! Oh...and if you looked at this post but did not answer, why did you look? punk!

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    You can buy reliable RAM from many places at varying degrees of value, but I strongly suggest OWC:

    Apple iMac Memory Upgrades and Video Installation Guides - Get the right memory for your G3, G4, G5, or Intel iMac Model at

    Great customer support, mostly competitive pricing, and lifetime guarantee. They'll even give you a (small) rebate for your old RAM, and if your new RAM goes bad they'll ship you a replacement before you even return the bad.

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    I just upgraded from 2G to 4G, it was a 5 minute job.

    Get 4G of ram, my iMac is 1 year old and it started to feel it needed more ram

    I got Kingston Ram, matched pair. Being in Australia this was the cheapest.

    I know Other World Computing is really good and I would have bought from them but the Australian Dollar just tanked to $0.65USD from $0.97USD a month or so ago.


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    Great! Thanks so much. One question though:

    I just went to their website and to upgrade to 2GB, do I need to order the 2GB or just the 1GB, since I already have 1GB?

    Sorry! I am very new to this stuff!

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