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Thread: internet slowing down, can't speed it up

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    internet slowing down, can't speed it up
    Hi, I hope someone can help with this problem...My iMac G4 is slowing down more and more in internet speed. It's not a connection problem as my MacBook is on the same network and runs fine. I've run Onyx numerous time, deleted all caches, fixed permissions, etc. but can't figure it out. Any ideas what I might be missing? I'd really appreciate some advice.

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    You didn't mention what kind of connection you're using. Airport wireless or ethernet? If wireless, are you using any sort of encryption security on the G4? WEP, WPA, etc.? If so, turn it off temporarily and see what happens.

    How full is the hard drive on the G4? As the hard drive gets filled it will slow everything down because of virtual memory paging fragmentation.

    What else is going on with the G4 at the same time? Check the "Activity" and see what % usages are being displayed. Anything else running and so forth.


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