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    MacMini Does Have a Fan!!!!
    Here is a article from MacWorld

    The Noise. True to Apple’s recent hardware-design history, the Mac mini has an independently-controlled fan that turns on and off and adjusts its speed based on the Mac mini’s cooling needs. According to Apple, the fan runs at 22 decibels, essentially whisper-quiet. We had a hard time hearing any noise coming from the Mac mini’s fan, but then, no room at Macworld Expo is quiet in the way that a truly quiet home or office setting would be. We’ll have more on the Mac mini’s noise when we get one into the Macworld Lab.

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    if this is the case, why couldnt they toss a fan into the g4 cube?

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    Trial and error? :closed:
    MacWorld got this info straight from apple.....

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    I guess they did not think the G4 cube needed it becaues it was more open then the mac mini
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    if this is the case, why couldnt they toss a fan into the g4 cube?
    According to the Cube's original specs, there wasn't really much need for a fan, and it was build in a way that dissipated heat by convection, which for that hardware was enough.

    The Macmini is even more crammed than the Cube, has a CPU, GPU, memory and system bus running at much higher frequencies than the Cube, and therefore needs a fan to cool all this.

    I have a single 1.25MHz G4 in my PowerMac, and it's heatsink is really huge (about half the size of the Mac Mini!). Plus it has a (quite noisy) 120mm I guess that little thing runs pretty hot... :cool:

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    I dont know if i missed something here or what, but isnt this in the wrong section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxp0wer2004
    I dont know if i missed something here or what, but isnt this in the wrong section?
    That's what I was thinking as well, but seeing as that I have <20 posts I figured I'm the last person to be pointing out where things should and should not be.


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    I wonder what all the cube-heads are saying about this btw...

    They've been campaigning for a revival of the cube for years now and they've basically got one...

    It's not only much much cheaper than the cube, but also smaller, faster, better etc etc.

    If I had a larger apartment with living room (instead of a 1-room apartment) I would definitely get one of these as a home entertainment system (i.e. music, dvd & photo playback device)

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    Well the reason I didnt put this in any other forum is becuse there wasent a mac mini section yet, so realy your not to bright when you think you are.
    Get a life and quit posting I told you so's on a mac forum.
    Some people get so anal about online stuff.... forum ettiqet, and poloticaly correct Ideology is for people without a life, their old ladys tell them what to do at home so they have to go barking up someones tree online, get a freakin life man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And no I dont spell good and if that makes me less of a person, then you just proved my point again.

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