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    please review my process to create a raid set
    I've created a raid set using disk utility before, but a lab here has a mac pro with the raid card and wants a raid 0 set up. My thinking is this:

    Make a bootable clone
    Reboot using bootable clone
    Delete the current arrays (each single disk is it's own array, for some strange reason) in the raid utility
    Create new raid set, copy the clone back to the raid set.


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    What exactly are the truing to protect? The startup disk or the data or a multi platter RAID? A multi platter RAID copied back to a RAID 0 is less secure IMO.

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    not trying to protect anything, it's strictly for performance for this lab. data is backed up nightly, so they aren't terribly afraid of data loss in the event that a disk decides to die.

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