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    Unhappy Installing hard drive into G3 tower...
    I recently got my hands on a G3 tower.. the blue and white one.. and it didn't have much space hard drive wise so I bought a 60GB hard drive off ebay, and was told it should work with my G3 tower. Bare with me...I really don't know much about this kind of thing. I need instructions, step by step, on how to put the 60GB hard drive in the tower. It looks like there are slots, but they look too small... help?

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    Welcome to the G3 Yosemite club (see my specs, the 80 Gb is Seagate, the 40 Gb is IBM, both 2-hand).

    These machines are really good to work on/in. You can install two IDE drives inside, 128 Gb maximum each. You could perhaps have one drive specifically for OS 10.3.9 (maybe 10.4); the other for OS 9.2.2 - but you'll need a full install disk for that. Or you could have one OS with one drive for everyday use, the other for storage.

    With maximum RAM of 1 Gb (four 256 modules), your machine will do everything you need of it - bar cook your dinner. You can upgrade the processor with a PowerLogix ZIF socket to take the speed to 1 GHz, but that's US$130.

    Now, getting a drive (or drives) inside. See this (mainly the early part):
    YouTube - Powermac g3 update
    and then
    Apple Manual for powermac g3 blue.white (pdf document) download at
    Accelerate Your Mac! - G3 Internal IDE drive upgrade

    Good luck, have fun!

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    OOOK... so i did the best i could... and i then started up the computer and nothing it happening. it wont go to my desktop or anything, just has the little folder on the screen with a question mark.. i guess i dont understand the upgrade part?

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    also, i should mention... there was an 8GB one in the 3 slot, and i moved it to the 2 and put the new 60GB in the 3... does that make any difference?

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    I had this problem with my g4. you need the original drive, with the os installed in it, connected as your main drive or it wont boot. or if you have the cd with the os to install it in your new drive, you could do that.

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    The flashing ? means no system can be found. You will have to format the new drive with Drive setup. Drives have jumpers and one of them has to be the master. Those B&W like small drives ,so put the OS in a 10G partition it works better.

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