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    Minis should sync with other Macs
    This is just an idea, and I'm not sure if the mini already has this feature so here goes:

    I know a lot of people now are getting mini computers and hooking them up to their TVs for easier convenience and broader display. I think it would be great if someone had an iMac and a Mac mini and they could sync their files directly from their iMac to their mini with no hassle at all, it was all built-in, automatic and required no real computer expertise. I believe you can do this with an Apple TV but only with music and video files.

    Say your iMac was in your den downstairs and you had an idea while you were in your living room and you wanted to type it to your Mac right away before you forgot. If you just booted ur mini, typed the idea and saved it, and it was synced to your iMac that'd be so much easier. It may be able to be done a different way but I think this would be a great feature, if it doesn't already exist.

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    thats what home networks are for.

    if set up correctly, you can get any file from any computer in the house as long as it is on over your network.

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