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    Unhappy Audio Problem
    Hello everyone, I seem to be having a problem with my iMac which was brought for me at Christmas last year, so I think I have the warranty and such sorted out for it anyway.

    But still I could use some help, I recently noticed the sound of my iMac was not as loud as it once was, I thought 'Whatever' to it and continued doing what I was doing, then eventually I noticed the sound was only coming from the right speaker.

    By using a song I am quite familiar with to tell when sound was coming out one and not the other, I got it working by tapping the left sound enough.

    Well I thought I will just be satisfied with that unless it causes me anymore problems, and guess what? It did! I get on today and it keeps going out on me, and it's becoming an annoyance due to the fact I am a big music fan.

    Any chance you guys can help me out? I'm guessing it's a loose connection.

    To be honest if it can't last one stinkin' year, where it's taken no knocks and bumps then I don't think I will be purchasing a MAC again =/

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    Poke a dummy 3.5 mm audio plug into the audio out port on your iMac a few times. You may have a dust buildup in the cutout switch inside there. Then plug in some headphones to see if the sound fade occurs with them too.

    If neither of the above work, and you feel confident about opening up your iMac to check audio connections, then search YouTube for instructional video - but be absolutely sure your Apple cover hasn't expired.

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