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    Question G4 without screen. Permanatly using an external monitor
    I am going to by an i mac g4 and a KVM switch. I will get one with a broken screen. i will take off the screen and the bar, leavind just the base. And presto as soon as i can cover up the hole at the top, i have a G4 cube. is this possilbe. Will my mac keyboard be the only one i need(will it be dual compatible). I am going to hook my gaming pc and my moded imac up to a kvm switch and then hook up my monitor. Will this work? Will the imac key board work for both?

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    It should work..

    But it won't really be a Cube.

    And the G4 iMac is so beautiful as it is!

    But yeah, as long as it is USB, it should work fine with Windows. That is, I have never had any problems doing it.

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