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    Question iMac vs Dreamweaver CS3
    Hi, writing in hope that some of you experienced something similar with their iMacs. I work mainly with Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign and Dreamweaver. My iMac (20") has not been upgraded since i bought it(still running on 1G).
    Both PS, Illustrator work ok, inDesign - freezes my computer a little bit every now and then - actually quite a bit when I think of that but I don't use it that often. It's the Dreamweaver that kills it.
    Simplest things like clicking on the image to select it or grabbing the handle of a scroll bar to, well - scroll up or down the page take about 10 - 15 seconds before computer acknowledges the command. Working in the code view speeds things up but not for me, unfortunately. Cuz I ain't no coder baby Just go in there when need to clean things up. It just feels strange that it's such a hassle for my iMac to render things in Dreamweaver while handling task quite ok-ish with heavy images in Photoshop.
    Do you think it's a problem of memory card?
    Grateful for tips and suggestions, as always

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    Dreamweaver generally is a sluggish program. You wouldn't thing editing web pages should be so intensive, but I feel that DM can be very unresponsive, especially if you consider it is dealing with simple stuff like CSS, html and lo res images.

    IMO, DM, while a great program, needs to have a fresh rewrite to make the code leaner and make sure it works well on the latest OSes. Bear in miond that it was originally developed by a small company, bought and developed by Macromedia, then bought up by Adobe. With all those developers is really needs a fresh clean rewrite
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