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Thread: Cell phone interference?

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    Cell phone interference?
    Hi, I've been having some weird stuff going on with my relatively new iMac, but this was a new one. I answered my cell and all of a sudden there was this weird *chattering* sound. It stopped when I hung up. Could the cell have somehow interfered? Although I've been on the cell and the iMac many times.

    I searched, however didn't find anything related, apologies if this has been asked before.

    I do know I have to get the computer into the Apple Store, for several issues, but have been procrastinating as the nearest store isn't too close. I need to get our MB set up first as I have a small home biz and really can't be without it for long.

    Anyway, any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer

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    Probably a coincidence. Cell phones do not normally interfere with airport wireless. It's possible that a cordless phone operating at around 2.4 GHZ can cause interference but not a cell phone.


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    Thanks. Yep, just have to get it in the store. Several other problems as well, sigh. Take care.

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