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    Faulty number pad on keyboard!
    Hey guys,

    I noticed a problem a month ago or so where I could not longer use the numbers on my numberpad on my keyboard. I thought the problem was with the keyboard itself, as there have been a few spillages on it to say the least and it's fairly old! So I bought a new one last weekend but the problem is still there, so it must be something to do with the computer?

    If anybody has any suggestions then please let me know as I use the numberpad for music production and I'm in need of this problem being resolved.

    Thanks for your help!

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    did you check the "num lock" button?

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    Sorted! I found the some others had the same problem in another thread, so thought I'd copy and paste onto this in case anybody searches this in the future and has the same problem!

    FuZion wrote:
    "I have worked out that if I press "0" on the keypad my apps get locked. Well, actually, it's the active window that gets locked. Pressing "5" on the keypad releases them again for normal usage (Is this a "feature" so that you can keep control of a single application?).

    Anywho, the fact that there are new functions to the keypad in this state leave me to believe there is a way of turning the keypads normal functions on & off but I have no idea how.

    He then writes after:
    "I may have found out what is happening.

    Head to Prefs/Universal Access/Mouse. I had Mouse keys turned on, meaning my keypad was controlling the mouse. Turning this off has give me back my keypad.

    This explained the "0" & "5" keys I mentioned above. The "0" key held the left mouse button down (For highlighting things) & the "5" key releases the mouse button.

    Hope this helps you out."

    So there you go! It's sorted now. And to think I went out and bought a new keyboard 'cos I thought my old one had too many beer stains on it to work properly... There's a few 's I'll never see again...

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