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    Old scanner,,, new iMac
    I have an iMac G4 and an old Astra 610S scannner! Any way to mate them, or is the scanner now just a paperweight ?!!!

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    If it is a usb scanner, you can try using VueScan.
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    You can try to find a scsi-usb or scsi-firewire adapter. These were available a few years ago but seem to have been discontinued. Try or There were other companies too so you might try a Google search or ebay. You'll also need software, either VueScan or another program (Thanks rman). The VueScan website has a list of supported scanners so you might check that before you invest in an adapter. With current prices, you may save money by getting a new low-cost scanner rather than investing in a cable/adapter and software.

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    I believe its a SCSI scanner in which case someone might make a SCSI to USB adaptor for it..... BUT for the price, you might as well buy a new scanner.

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    wow, everyone is beating me to it today. lol

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