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Thread: 10.7.4 Exremely Slow

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    Nov 30, 2007
    10.7.4 Exremely Slow
    On my IMac G3 250 ram Partioned 9.2 & 10.7 a year ago
    suddenly it takes 20 minuets to open. Safari and Itunes and othe applications are not working. I can open small applications and documents.
    On my Lc 250 Drive that also I have been using for many months I installed OS 10.4.3 to be able to use Safari.
    Please Help Ray438

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    And just what kind of operating system is 10.7.4? Maybe it's slow because it's operating in the future? I think you meant to write 10.4.7 instead?

    How full is the hard drive? Also, have you verified the drive with Disk Utility to see if there were any errors?


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    Check too the amount and type of RAM being used. That may need changing and/or upgrading to maximum for your G3 IMac.

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    You really need 512Mb minimum to use OS 10.4 Tiger.

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    Suggest 1GB for Tiger to see it run anywhere near reasonable.

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