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Thread: Help! My Imac will not turn on!

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    Help! My Imac will not turn on!
    Hi there. this is my first post on here and thanks in advance for any help!

    I have a 2.5 year old Refurbished Imac (G5 I believe) runs Safari and the Mac Harddrive(forget what its called).

    Anyway, I go to turn it on last night, wake it from sleep mode and go to change from one of the websited I had left open before it went to 'sleep' and then it just totally went black and and shut down! I tried to turn it on with the push button in the back and all that happens is the power on light in front will blink every other time i tried to turn it on. I unplugged ti from all sources and let it sit(as Apple Tech support recomended. Btw, was amazed at how quick I go through last nite to them, kudos!) and still nothing at all!

    I have an apt today at the local Apple Store.

    anyone have any ideas what could have happened? will i loose any of my saved files (pictures, videos, etc?) if they have to repair it?

    how much $ am I looking at do you all think for a repair? If I buy a new one, can they transfer over my files to the new one?

    Thanks again!

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    it could be your power suplly (the imacs) or you outlet, you could try plugging it in somewhere else

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    Try resetting the PRAM and the PMU. If the iMac was refurbed, I don't think they'd let a faulty power supply get through, but it is a possibility. It may be RAM failure, the Apple store will check that.

    Will you lose all your stuff? Most unlikely, unless it's a total hard drive failure.

    Transferring files - yes, quite simply done.

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    Are you sure the bright setting is on? Some people forget that. Maybe hold down the power button for 10 seconds. It's used for Force Shut Down, but it may work the other way around. Maybe.
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    Thanks for the help.

    The strangest thing happened in that my IMac, which I have just left plugged in since I last posted about this issue, 'magically' turned back on at 7:00 am Monday Morning! I do have a timer set on the IMac to wake itself at that time M-F so maybe it 'woke' itself up! Strange I know

    anyone ever hear of this happening before!

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