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    Make it faster,cheaper?
    I can score a 1.25 GHz logic board for my eMac for $20. Yes $20 with no burned out capacitors or anything.
    Question #1:
    Is this logic board compatible with the rest of the eMac? Or will I have to replace the combo drive as well? Oh wait that doesn't even you guys know what I mean.
    Question #2:
    How hard is this job to do? I've seen directions for it online and it doesn't look too bad. I'm on the skill level of replacing logic boards on iBooks and powerbooks with no problems. However I couldn't get the power cable back in the hole because my hands are too small! (My index finger is about 3 1/2" long, I'm all palm.)
    Yes my name is Jaguar.
    No, it is not a joke.
    I don't find your "I'm a cheetah." joke funny.

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    That logic board will be USB2, which would be good. I imagine, but honestly don't know for sure, I'm not an eMac mechanic, that you could swap over the two boards.

    In answer to Q2 - very! Let me know what eMac manual resources you've got. Will send you what I've got on request (.pdf or url).

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