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    help with dvd writer!
    Hello all! And for my first post I need help! I believe I have found the right place for a knowledgeable mac community! So I bought a Pioneer DVR-A08-XLC this is the dual layer model. Easy install, set the jumper to cable select, and the darn thing won't recognize a blank CD-R. But it will read. Now if I use toast it will burn like an external... I have tried setting the jumper to slave and this makes no diff. I have a 1 gig quicksilver G4, 1.75 ram, and three hard-drives all set with no problems! I am also running 10.3.7.

    When I insert a blank disc the finder asks what to do, I tell it, then it spits it out and says "this disc could not be used because the disc drive is not supported"!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    Searching the board works wonders!!!
    Patchburn solved the problem.....

    Sorry for the wasted space. I'd be lost without this forum... Thanks again!

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    cool, and welcome to the forums:mac:

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