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    Sep 26, 2008
    do you have to operate the mac in a completely vertical position?
    I am a dj and am hoping to aquire an Imac 20' 2.4ghz

    Being able to operate on an angle would allow it to fit in my roadcase, any chance?

    Dj Merk

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    How steep an angle and which direction? An iMac with built in display is going to be somewhat top heavy even though the display can be adjusted. You can't operate it at certain angles the same way you could a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Speaking of which, since you're a DJ why not purchase a MBP instead?


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    Sep 26, 2008
    I use a lot of software so I need performance....
    but I am not the richest bloke in the world so I'm trying to be cost effective and the resale of an IMAC is far less than an Ibook,
    I also like the massive screen and keyboard etc...

    it is only for djing so it would only stay in the roadcase with proper padding but also allowing full ventilation and socket access

    ideally I'd position the machine on about a 30deg pitch (leaning backwards) so its got a nice viewing angle, it would be fully supported (top included) within my main roadcase

    Cheers for the reply mate

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    Hey, iMac's can be wall mounted so it is possible to take the stand off but it means disassembling the whole machine but with the stand off you can just fit it into a flight case and just use the flight case padding that you can mold your self then you can have it how ever you want. There's a few tutorials from google on how to take the stands off just have a look around for a good one

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    I suggest a MacBook Pro, or MacBook, then you can upgrade them to 4GB of RAM.

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    The iMac tilts back by about 30 degrees anyway. It doesn't have to upright.

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