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    Wireless instability
    I am new here. I have iMAC 2.66Ghz 20" and I am having a wireless problem.

    My ranger booster is located in my room and when I start up my wireless connection it gives me full signal. Then suddenly it starts to drop. Once it drops 1 bar I loose the capability to use the internet. Its so bad that I need to turn off my wireless and switch it back on. Usually it stays for 2-5 min then the problem re occur.
    I also have windows XP Pro on my iMAC and the wireless there works perfectly. I am running OS 10.5.5

    My router is Linksys and my ranger booster is Aztech

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I would try changing the wireless channel to either 1 or 11, usually by default it is on channel 6.
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    What kind of range booster is it? Is the boost coming entirely from the router's or access point's transceiver? Or does it (also) use software that resides on the client device (e.g., iMac)? If it's the latter, the absence of client software to achieve the boost might be the culprit.

    Just a guess.

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    Disconnect the range booster and operate direct from the router to test whether or not the booster is injecting instability. Also, my understanding of the booster is that it also provides encryption - that may be a problem for your iMac if somehow you don't have airport setup correctly.

    Unfortunately, wireless seems to somewhat more complicated to get running properly on OS X than Windows. At least that has been my experience.


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    fishepa: The router is set on Channel 11, the booster I am not sure but when I press the option button and click on the wireless signal it shows that I am connected on channel 6 (so I asume the booster is set on channel 6).

    CoMo: My router is Linksys and my range booster is Aztech (link provided in the first post). The booster does not extend the current network it boosts up another wireless network.

    chscag: I'll try to do that. I have a friend who has a macbook 2.4Ghz white and he is having the same problem. He did not have this problem when he was running 10.5.3 he started to have the problem once he upped it to 10.5.4

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