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Thread: Mac Pro Connection

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    Mac Pro Connection
    So I have searched and I dont see anyone with this same problem. I have a Mac Pro running Tiger and and completely updated. It is connected directly into my airport base station. I also have a macbook running off of the wireless. The base station is functioning fine because both my macbook and iphone have good connectivity. My Mac Pro connectivity is SLOW... it takes forever to load websites and I have never had this problem before. Whenever i have had anything running slow before I have updated and it always goes back to normal but like i said I am completely updated. This started happening about a week or so ago when I installed the newest security update. PLEASE HELP

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    I have the same setup as you and did not notice any difference after the security update.

    I assume you have tried to restart both the MacPro and the base station?

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    yeah I have

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