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    I have 640MB RAM in my Emac... is more better?
    As stated, my eMac has 640 MB RAM. I've still got Panther 10.3.9 OS.
    The processor is a 1 GHz PowerPC G4. I'd like to speed up my DSL internet connection and would like to know if adding more RAM would help.
    Also, if it will help, what's the limit of RAM I can put in this computer?
    Thanks, Michael K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskoz@earthlink View Post
    I'd like to speed up my DSL internet connection and would like to know if adding more RAM would help.
    Adding RAM will not affect your network connection speed.
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    Your eMac will support 1GB memory in two 512MB modules and as advised by devilboy, this will not speed up your broadband. To do that go to a higher speed, at of course a higher price. Speeds are 256, 512, 1.6 and 8MB.

    Going from the 512 package, which invariably downloaded at 50/54 kbs to 1.5MB package, which downloads at 160 kbs, cost an additional $10.00 per month here in Australia.

    The increased memory will assist in the overall performance of the eMac, but not the DSL speed sorry.

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