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    G5 and 3rd party airport problems

    I have a Minitar 802.11g wireless PCI card that uses the Broadcom chipset and when I install it into my G4 the computer detects it as a airport card and everything works fine. But I just bought a G5 (with 10.3.7 installed)and when I install the Minitar PCI card into the G5 it will not boot, when I press the power button, the white LED lights ups then turns off immediately. Without the PCI card installed everything works fine.
    Any suggestions?


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    have you tried with a Apple AirPort Card instead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NightCrawler
    have you tried with a Apple AirPort Card instead?
    Don't you think that, if he had an Airport card, he wouldn't need a PCI WLAN card?!

    Depending on which G5 you have, you either have PCI (like the G4) or PCI-X slots. PCI-X should be compatible, but I think that some PCI cards use higher voltages than PCI-X slots deliver. This could be the problem...

    Allthough I'm not totally sure about this, maybe somebody else knows more about it...

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