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    System Preferences keeps popping up on Mac G4...
    I have to admit I am pretty new to macs and have yet to have an issue with one. But we bought a Mac G4 for my Mom from a trusted buddy and she has had it for a few months now and was thrilled. BUT, recently the system preferences window keeps popping up after she starts it up and it will not go away with anything. (I'm sure a fat cat sitting on a keyboard is to blame) She has tried resetting it, force quit, leaving it unplugged for a few days to no avail. Anyone else have suggestions...??

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    just hitting the red button should dismiss it

    if not then what version of OS X is she using?

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    I wonder if it's in the Startup Items. System Prefs > Accounts > Login Items. If so, it can be removed from there.

    I don't see any keyboard shortcut for SysPrefs, so the cat can be released from detention.

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