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    cpu update for my mac
    hi.. I have a mac pro(previous original model)-
    2 x 2.66 GHz dual xeon processors, 5gb of ram.

    Can I upgrade the processor to 2x quad processors?
    If yes, Which intel chips(2.66 GHz quad or above)are right for
    my mac(motherboard)?
    -I checked at some of sites such as etc, there were a lots of Xeon processors.
    I couldn't know which one was right for me.

    Is this valuable for its price?-
    (I am asking for its overall performance versus the price, no matter what I do with it.
    and my updating starts from 2x 2.66 GHz dual processors, not starting from nothing.
    It means, for example, I update it to 2X 2.xx GHz quad with the payment of $500 or up
    then if I get just x1.3 faster performance than the current cpu, it is invaluable for me.)


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    Do not think this is possible. Apple Discsussions recommends selling what you have and buying an Intel machine. here is the link:-

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